What Is the Best Enclosure for a Ball Python?

Most of the people like royal python also known as ball python and they concentrate on how to take care of their favourite pet python on a regular basis. The ball python is a native of sub-Saharan Africa, this python is wide-spread worldwide especially Benin, Uganda and Senegal. This python spends most of its lifetime in the natural crevice or a disused rodent burrow as secure as possible. Individuals who like to acquire this snack can visit the nearby pet shop, breeder or reptile expos. They can get more than expected options in terms of the size and make a good decision to get a suitable ball python. They require the best ball python enclosure to keep this pet safe and comfortable indoor.

Be aware of the importance of enclosure for a ball python

The first-class ball python enclosure is very important along with the healing room and healthy food for this pet.  Different sizes and materials of enclosures are available on the market and recommended for those who have this reptile as a pet at home. Almost everyone who lives with a family or alone can choose a ball python for a pet reptile and invest in the best suitable cage or enclosure to keep the ball python remains a pet. Any ball python remains in the enclosure is not a threat to the safety of anyone. You have to understand this fact and take note of the main attractions of the ball python enclosures for sale on online. Regular updates of affordable yet high-quality ball python cages give you an overview about how to successfully pick and order one of the most suitable ball python cages.

Individuals who wish to have a ball python as a pet at home have to invest in the best ball python enclosure without compromising their budget. This is because a ball python getting out of its usual habitat is so terrible. It is the appropriate time to read unbiased reviews of ball python enclosures from well-known brands on the market and take note of the foremost attractions of ball python enclosures as comprehensive as possible. You have to contact and consult with specialists in the enclosures for ball pythons soon after you have planned to buy one of the most suitable enclosures.

What Is the Best Enclosure for a Ball Python?

Glass tanks

There are four different categories of ball python enclosures. These enclosure types are glass tanks, wooden vivarium, plastic RUBs and Exo Terras. Many people in the past few years used fish glass aquarium as the python enclosure because its nature to let users to view the pet. They get more than a few problems in this kind of enclosure for their pet. This is because this glass tank is not designed for housing the ball python which has the nature good at escaping. It is the right time to buy the enclosure specially designed to keep the ball python secure and comfortable.  The escape proof nature of this enclosure gives the maximum benefits to people who own the ball python pet at home. The glass enclosure retains the moisture and heat required by the ball python to live in as comfortable as possible.

Wooden vivarium

Wooden vivarium is designed with the ball python in mind. This product makes it good for keeping humidity as well as warmth inside it. The natural heat source in this product assists pet owners to reduce the electricity bill. This is because people who own and keep the ball python in the wooden vivarium do not have to provide any heat to keep it warmth. This enclosure makes the ball python secure and comfortable. This is worthwhile to pick and invest in high-quality yet competitive price of the wooden vivarium.

Plastic RUBs and Exo Terras

The plastic enclosure has gained the highest possible recognition in recent years as it has the best stuff to hold ball python. Well experienced ball python breeders throughout the world prefer, use and recommend the plastic RUBs as they get and make certain about exceptional benefits of providing this enclosure to their pet. The exo terra is one of the most common ball python enclosures in our time. This enclosure is particularly designed for reptiles and amphibians. Once you have decided to make a good home for your ball python, you can prefer and invest in this exo terras. This enclosure is usually designed with glass doors to assist users to view and access the ball python as convenient as possible. If you search for the simple design of the affordable enclosure for your ball python, then you can directly choose and buy the right exo terras.

Make an informed decision

Attractive features and affordable prices of the best brands of ball python enclosures for sale on online give you eagerness to directly choose and buy one of these products. You can contact and consult with professionals in this sector soon after you have decided to enhance your approach to identify and order the ball python enclosure. Easy-to-understand specifications of ball python enclosures for sale encourage pet owners to compare and narrow down these products. You can consider the foremost attractions of affordable and best ball python enclosure at this time. You will decide on and ensure about how to keep your ball python safe and comfortable in the enclosure.

The ball python has the nature to grow to unpredictable size.  If you do not have enough time and expertise to make your own ball python enclosure, then you can contact the shop specialized in high-quality yet reasonable prices of the ball python enclosures. You will get exceptional benefits and ensure about the stress-free method to buy one of the most suitable ball python enclosures.

Choosing the best ball python enclosure to accommodate the ball python is a challenging thing for all beginners to this sector because different designs of ball python enclosures for sale. You can read unbiased reviews of top brands of ball python enclosures right now and enhance your expertise about the main features and benefits of all such enclosures in detail.

What Size Tank Should I Get for My Bearded Dragon?

Bearded Dragons are a species of lizards that have a beard underside their throat. Well, the beard can turn black at for many reasons, mainly due to stress.

Since these are predators, they like to live in a better space. And so, when it comes to giving your dragon an ample room to hunt and play, underestimating their tank size can create problems. So, if you are having a bearded dragon or looking to put one in the future, you are in the right place.

Why the need to consider the size of the tank?

Well, the one question that pops up before selecting the tank is why you need to consider the size of the tank. Well, getting a normal tank would suffice, but, in many cases, there is seen that these predators become depressed, stressed, faces health issues and even can lead to stunted growth problems if the size of the habitat is not considered. So, let us talk about the size of the enclosure now.

How Big Does the Tank Need to be?

Well, the first and foremost thing to consider while selecting the tank is the age of the dragon. The selection can be a bit difficult for the fully-grown dragon. And so, you need to consider it very carefully.

  • Baby Dragons will fit in a tank of size approximately 20 Galleons (30 inches long X 13 inches wide X 12 inches deep) and for the ideal case, a tank of see 40 Galleons (48 inches long X 12 inches wide X 12 inches deep) will be the best fit.
  • If your dragon is young or even an adult, a tank no less than 55 Galleons (48 inches long X 13 inches wide X 20 inches deep) would suffice, but talking about the recommended case, a tank of size 75 Galleons (48 inches long X 18 inches wide X 20 inches deep) would be the best fit for your pet.
  • For Large-sized dragons that are size over 20 inches, a tank of 75 Galleons would suffice but if you want to keep your pet happy, it is recommended to go for a tank of size approximately equals 120 Galleons (48 inches long X 24 inches wide X 24 inches deep). This will help them roaming freely and even exercising freely as they like.
  • For even larger dragons, a 120 Galleon tank would suffice, but it is recommended to take them outside the tank in the garden for a walk or play.

What Size Tank Should I Get for My Bearded Dragon?

Tank Size for Baby Bearded Dragons

Well, selecting the best tank might be difficult for baby dragons. Well, if you have a baby dragon, a tank size of approximately 20 Galleons would be the best. You would not want to increase the size of the tank. Since the pet is still growing and will need to grow in a better predator, having an over-sized tank will create problems in hunting for food. Well, give your dragon some time to grow and later, buy him a big tank to have even more fun.

But if you think for the future and buy a big tank initially so you won’t have to purchase a new one again, make sure that you monitor your dragon closely. Well, if your dragon is not adapting enough to live in a big environment, he will face problems in getting and hunting for food. If such a case occurs, you might need to hand feed him.

Tank Size for Fully Grown Bearded Dragons

Again, the size of the tank will vary on the length of our dragon. Regular adult bearded dragons will fit fine in a tank of about 55 Galleons and if you want to give your pet more space, don’t go beyond 75 Galleons.

Dragons larger in size such as 20 inches, will require a tank no lesser in size than 75 Galleons and going ideally, a tank size of 120 Galleons will be the best fit.

Remember that giving your dragon, ample space will help him grow properly, making him healthier and even happier.

How Long Does It Take for a Beaded Dragon to Grow?

Well, you might also need to consider the fact that eventually, your pet will grow into a larger dragon. And in this case, he would require a bigger space. A baby dragon will require a larger space in just about three to four months.

The rate at which bearded dragons grow depends upon the genetics and the diet of the dragon. But in most of the cases, a baby dragon can grow into a fully grown large bearded dragon in about fifteen to eighteen months. But this doesn’t mean that an extra diet would make them grow fast; it could make them sick too. So, make sure to give them a proper diet and ample time to exercise and play. Even don’t just keep them inside all the time, make sure you take them outside the home once or twice in a while.

Some people like to keep more than just one dragon. And if you are thinking of the same, make sure you fit them in the right space. But well, before everything, consider your decision once again. Dragons are deadly predators and housing two dragons at the same time and what more, in the same tank, can lead problems. Bearded Dragons often are dominant and thus, they can fight among each other over territory and even over food too. So, try not to pet two dragons at the same time unless they are hatchlings together and have been together for a long time and obviously, they get along well. And in such case, a tank of size approximately 75 Galleons would suffice. But make sure you keep a close eye on them and an additional cage ready in case one needs to be rescued.

In this article, we have talked about the best bearded dragon enclosure and how to select the best tank for your pet.

A Worldwide Olympic First

A Worldwide Olympic First

It was London, 1948, a place in the rebirth of itself. Three years into London’s reconstruction after World War II. The American Women’s Track and Field team were expected to perform well and had not done so at this point in August of the Games.

It was August and America was crazy about Mr. Baseball, Jackie Robinson, who crossed the color line as the first African American to play major league baseball.

However, a national American treasure had endured two cancelled Olympic Games to put the modern Olympics on a new path of world freedom and riches. The 2012 London Olympics marks the 64th anniversary when Alice Coachman led the American Women to their only track and field Gold Medal in the 1948 Olympic Games.

In winning her Gold Medal she became an instant world icon as the first woman of color in the modern day Olympics to win a Gold Medal.