Tips For Dressing Your Baby Bump

A pregnant woman will have a lot of concerns. That is totally understandable. If you are one providing care for a pregnant woman or are a pregnant woman yourself, you know just how difficult a day can be, especially during the last trimester of your pregnancy. By then, you have already put on so much weight on top of the added weight of your baby. If you are fond of having a night out or attending special occasions, it will be a lot difficult to find the right fit for your changing contour. One of the best leggings for pregnancy and a few other maternity essentials will just be your frequent lifesaver.

There are many expecting mothers who worry much about ditching their pre-pregnancy clothes too early. Some feel weird wearing big-sized clothes and may think that they can just fit in their regular clothes. Unfortunately, this can add pressure to your baby belly. It will also be difficult to breathe and move. So, if you really would like to look good, at the same time feel good about yourself, it is best that you find essential maternity clothes even during the early part of your pregnancy.

When is the best time to buy maternity clothes?

It is always a smart decision to take an inventory what you have in your closet before deciding which clothes to keep or to discard. As some of your pre-pregnancy clothes may still fit your baby belly, you can just separate them before listing down all the maternity essentials that you need to build your pregnancy wardrobe. Clothes made of stretchy materials like yoga pants, leggings, wrap dresses, as well as casual skirts are just a few that you can include in your pregnancy wardrobe.

If you don’t like the feel of any clothes touching your baby bump, you may consider wearing empire waist dresses and shirts that may be able to fit  your growing bump for a few weeks.

A belly band is another maternity essential that you need to have. If you have pre-pregnancy jeans that you can no longer zip or button, you can just slip on a belly band to provide support and cover your baby bump. A maternity or a belly band is made of a stretchable material like  spandex belt so it can keep your pants up even when it is unbuttoned.

You may just go easy with lounge clothes as you can just pair any shirt with a pair of leggings, but if you would really need to buy some new maternity clothes, you will have to look for clothes that are a size or two bigger.

So, when is the best time to buy maternity clothes?

The earlier the better. You may think that it’s just too early to do that. However, with all the things that you will have to go through as your pregnancy progresses, you might not have any more time to find the things that you will have to include in your maternity wardrobe.

Remember that your baby bump will start to become more noticeable starting the 3rd and 4th months of your pregnancy. You also have to remember that by your subsequent pregnancies, you will grow bigger. That means you will have to buy another size or two larger than your previous pregnancy.

Shopping for maternity clothes when you’re not in a rush will make it easier for you to decide which will best suit your needs. That also means that you won’t be buying things that you won’t get to wear because you bought for fantasy and not for reality. When you have more time to think about what to buy, you will have enough time to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of considering a piece of clothing or not. In the end, you get the best of your money’s worth.

Here are some money-saving tips when buying maternity clothes that you need to check:

You may have the urge to buy everything that entices your eyes when you are searching for the best maternity clothes to add to your wardrobe. You know pretty well that there will be more purchases that you need to make as your pregnancy progresses, however. Needless to say, you need to grab every opportunity that will allow you to save even a few bucks. To help you save some cash that you can use for other expenses later in your pregnancy, consider these tips.

  1. Borrow from other family members or friends. Pretty sure you have sisters, other relatives or friends who might have used their maternity clothes only for a few months at a time. Why not ask them to lend you some of those pregnancy clothes that are still in good condition?
  2. Buy second-hand clothes. Sites like Tradesy and are just a couple of many other e-commerce sites that buys and sells second-hand clothes. You can find more when you search Google for more related search results.
  3. Ebay is also a good place to look for auctioned maternity garments. Many do sell by lot, however. Still, they will likely be a great deal.
  4. Invest in high-quality clothes. Opting for high-quality clothes that can be dressed up or down may save more than if you bought cheaper clothes that will last only for a few months.
  5. Look for convertible pieces. There are a wide variety of women’s clothes that can be worn in many ways. You can practically wear them while you from pregnancy and beyond, such as maternity tops that can also be used as nursing tops. Find a few pieces that you use for years.


Looking for the right dress for your baby bump will take some time. You will need to plan ahead, create an inventory of what you have, before listing down the maternity wardrobe essentials that you may need to add to your closet. Once you have considered all your options, you can start looking for the best options to buy a few pieces that you can use even long after you have given birth.